Ceres Partners History

Ceres Partners was formed by Perry Vieth to identify, acquire and manage productive Midwestern agricultural land. Ceres Partners is the general manager of Ceres Farms, LLC, an investment fund for accredited investors that was launched in December of 2007 and which is still accepting new investors. Ceres Partners is also the general manager of Heartland Farms, LLC a predecessor fund established in 2006, and will serve as general manager of all successor funds that may be launched after Ceres Farms LLC is closed to new investors.

Ceres Farms, LLC allows investors to participate directly in the agriculture sector which benefits from the ever increasing demand for commodities. The fund acquires undervalued farmland that is effectively owned by each investor proportional to their investment in the fund. Ceres Partners then leases the land to local farmers who grow corn, soybeans, wheat or specialty crops on a scheduled rotation. Ceres Partners is especially proud of the extensive network of experienced farmers that it has teamed up with to create a proven partnership where all parties benefit.

Ceres Farms, LLC currently owns over 51,646 acres of farmland located in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia and Ohio. Ceres Farms will continue to expand its farmland territory throughout the Midwest to create a diversified portfolio of income producing farm properties.

Heartland Farms, LLC owns over 1,400 acres of farmland in Tennessee. Heartland Farms is closed to new investors and is primarily focused on effectively operating its existing properties.

Ceres Partners actively manages its properties through recognized conservation methods and seeks to promote wildlife development. All properties are available for lease on a seasonal or multi-year basis by hunters, outfitters or other conservationists. You can review all of our properties by selecting the Properties tab above.

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