Company Profile

Overview of Ceres Partners:

Ceres Partners is a limited liability company organized in 2009 to serve as investment manager and general manager of Ceres Farms, LLC, Heartland Farms, LLC and any successor investment funds. Ceres Partners manages a portfolio of properties totaling over 53,046 acres consisting of 162 farms in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky.

Ceres Partners believes that the purchase decision is critical and looks to identify undervalued farms that generate positive cash flows. Risk is reduced when a farm is bought at the right price with multiple sources of return. Ceres also looks to improve its farms which increases the long-term value of the property and compels a higher rent. Ceres Partners actively manages each farm and selects a proven farmer from its existing network of preferred producers who desire to expand as Ceres acquires more farmland. The result is partnership that benefits both the landowner/investor and the farmer.

Overview of Ceres Farms LLC:

Ceres Farms, LLC is an investor-orientated diversified agricultural portfolio of Midwest farmland. It is wholly owned by its investors and generates returns from current income as well as appreciation in the value of its property. Key fund characteristics include:

Managed diversified portfolio of Midwest farmland
161 farms with 51,646 acres
$323 million in assets
244 investors consisting of individuals, trusts, IRA accounts, pension plan, insurance company, endowments and foundations
$250,000 minimum investment
One year investment lock-up period
Management and performance-based fee structure
Strong double-digit net fund performance since inception
Independent annual farmland appraisals and quarterly valuation
Multi-year farmer leases with staggered maturities and diversified rent structures
Current income from farm operations, sale of non-farm buildings, outfitter leases, timber sales, mineral rights, billboards, and potential wind-power leases
Complete transparency to investors including audited financial statements

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