Farming, hunting and conservation all go hand-in-hand to achieve similar objectives. Conservation practices help farmers continue their traditional ways of life by protecting the natural resources and habitats that are vital for productive agricultural yields. Quality habitat also supports wildlife and helps to maintain a diverse ecosystem. Managed hunting ensures an adequate harvest of adult species to maintain a healthy population in balance with existing habitat conditions. The goal is mutual respect for the interests of each party and a genuine recognition that we are all stewards of this beautiful land during our time here.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about conservation practices on properties managed by Ceres Partners or if you would like to wander through one of our properties. We ask that all persons obtain permission first and make a nominal contribution that will be used strictly for developing wildlife habitat. We are especially proud of our efforts to expand the Wood Duck population on several of our properties adjoining rivers with the construction and placement of Wood Duck homes. We also raise pheasant chicks and reintroduce them as adolescents on several Indiana properties so that they have a better chance to survive and breed in the wild as adults.