Welcome to Ceres Partners

At Ceres Partners, our goal is to identify, acquire and manage the best farmland the Midwest has to offer. Ceres Partners performs these duties for its investors who beneficially own the farms by means of a Limited Liability Company. Each investor shares the income generated by these farms as well as the properties’ appreciation in value proportional to the amount of their capital investment. The benefit for investors is that they share the returns of a diversified managed portfolio of prime Midwest farmland that offers high current income, significant growth and low correlations with traditional asset classes.

Ceres Partners serves as the general manager and uses its extensive network of proven agricultural producers to obtain attractive cash rent or crop share leases. Ceres Partners team-up with these tenants to enhance property values through modern farming improvements that permit its farm partners to operate an efficient agribusiness and thrive in the global marketplace for agricultural products. Ceres Partners strive to be respectful stewards of the land it manages and employs land conservation techniques to the fullest extent possible. We also pursue alternative energy opportunities including biofuel feedstock production and land leasing for wind generated electricity.

The website is designed to introduce investors and business partners to Ceres Partners so that they will have a better understanding of the advantages offered by Ceres Partners and the benefits of our investment strategy.