Why Sustainable Food & Agriculture Private Equity?


  1. Sustainability Drives Returns:  Globally, agriculture uses 95% of fresh water, emits 25% of greenhouse gas emissions, and uses 50% of habitable landmass. The industry has to do more with less.  We believe that the highest return investment opportunities are in companies with disruptive, sustainable business models that have positive, measurable environmental impacts.

  2. Small Companies Are Disrupting Big Markets:  Food & Agriculture is a massive sector (8% of US economy) that is being disruptive by business models that combine sustainability, shifting consumer preferences and new enabling technologies.

  3. Less Competitive Capital Market:  There is disproportionately low private investment (1-2% of US economy) and only 15-20 dedicated firm (~$5 billion). Financial buyers don’t have and can’t easily develop domain expertise and industry networks.

  4. Ceres Has Unique Expertise, Networks & Research:  12 years managing a leading farmland fund with 100+ years agriculture experience across the value chain globally and 100+ farmer partners providing boots-on-the-ground.